The Story Behind The Name ...

Once upon a time when Amy was around two, her parents were repainting the living room, whilst on a break they had left the pot of paint on the side. As they were making tea, Amy toddled in with her dolly putting her down on top of the pot of paint. Suddenly the paint pot crashed to the floor. She went into the kitchen saying:

"Mummy come! Mummy come!"

As her parents entered the living room they saw the split paint had covered the carpet, sofa & walls.

All she said was

"Dolly did it"

Our Whereabouts:

16th November 2019 - North Cross Road Market

28th November 2019 - The Charter School Christmas Fair

30th November 2019 - Love West Dulwich Christmas Fair

30th November 2019 - SoLo Christmas Craft Fair Dulwich

1st December 2019 - Etsy Made Local Peckham

7th December 2019 - East Dulwich Christmas Cracker

14th December 2019 - North Cross Road Market

15th December 2019 - Herne Hill Market

15th December 2019 - Horniman Museum's Christmas Market

The Story Now ...

Helping to save the environment one table at a time!

A paint spillage and her doll taking the blame didn’t end too badly for two year old Amy. Less than two decades later it inspired her to start a business with her mum. Dolly Did It, sells upcycled vintage furniture & homewares with a contemporary twist. The pair having always enjoyed hunting round finding pieces now enjoy saving them and making them not only loved again but unique.

They strongly believe that vintage furniture has always been well built and stands the test of time unlike some newer furniture companies today. "We wanted to create a range using these pieces that we know will last but also won't cost you the “earth”. By buying from us you are not only getting a unique piece of furniture you are helping the environment. A win win situation in our eyes!"

So why don't you check out what they've got for sale, you never know you might find the perfect piece and remember, you can always justify it by saying you helped the environment. Who says you can't be treated for recycling!

Find Dolly Did It at their local markets here or online where they offer Mainland UK delivery.

Dolly is applying her paint more usefully now!

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We are based in London, Dulwich, SE21

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